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undertaking engineering, design and manufacture of high precision Components along with the fabrication, welding, machining and assembly of different Systems for a wide range of industries. In addition, the company also manufactures Special Products such as portable machining tools to allow maintenance and service work at job sites


Our Services_Lehner SystemsOur SYSTEMS undertake piping, mechanical and electrical assembly fabrication work to the highest quality standards for all types of industry.

With the help of our in-house experienced Engineering Office, we can either take your own ‘ System ’ designs or support you in making your concepts / ideas a reality.

Our goal is to work with our customers to come up with the most cost effective system assembly fabrication methods to meet your needs both in terms of quality and delivery. 

Our experience in this area includes the assembly of:

  • special process machinery including automation and
  • production machinery.

We undertake piping installations for fuel oil, fuel gas, air and water applications with pressures up to 1000 bar. Our welding work is certified to ISO 3834-2:2005, and we can undertake

  • tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding,
  • metal active gas (MAG) welding and
  • metal inert gas (MIG) welding.

This division has experience in manufacturing a wide and diverse range of systems and assemblies, including food processing systems, special skid assemblies, switchgear and electrical modules and containers, instrumentation racks, off shore  compressor drives. We are open to consider all and any type of system assembly work that fit within the capabilities of our manufacturing facilities.

We are able to undertake full turnkey work and deliver on a plug and play basis, with the system fully tested. We can if required handle the transport logistics from factory to job site, including customs clearance as well as on-site installation supervision and commissioning .

If you need fabricating, manufacturing and assembling piping, mechanical and electrical system, including Electrical / Control Modules, Off-Shore Compressor Skids, Instrumentation Racks, Pumps skids, or Fuel / Water Pipe Racks, contact us today, we can undertake piping, mechanical and electrical assembly fabrication work to the highest quality standards for all types of industry.


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