careerIn 2006 we set up the Lehner TIGERS Mechanic Apprenticeship to offer young trainees a comprehensive recognised 4-year apprenticeship with respect to becoming Machine Operators.

The training is structured in conjunction with:

Franziska_LehnerLehner TIGERS endeavours to train 2 Machine Operator Apprentices per year.  Our main objectives are:

  • to take the step from Apprentice to Professional
  • to offer widest professional and social confidence in the workplace
  • to develop team-support and working to common goals
  • to provide an understanding of operational and corporate relationships
  • to grow one’s own personal skills and expertise
  • to encourage and develop self-motivational working

The first 1-2 years is typically structured so as to provide Basic Training with respect to the applicable Apprenticeship. After this we will look to provide  Professional Specialised Training including CNC technology, fabrication and maintenance. We also encourage and promote wherever possible further supplementary or higher education.