About Us

About Us_Top_1Lehner AG is headquartered at Siggenthal-Station in Kanton Aargau, Switzerland approximately 8 km from Baden.  The Company employs more than 70 professional staff and is equipped with state of the art machining, fabrication and assembly facilities to undertake a wide range of precision component manufacture as well as complete system assembly manufacturing and piping fabrication. The Company specialises in fully project managing your Outsourcing Projects and operates in accordance with the highest quality certifications including:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO 3834-2:2005
  • DIN 15085-CL1
  • SVTI Regelwerk 201

Lehner AG has four key business units:

  1. Lehner Components 
  2. Lehner Systems 
  3. Lehner Special Products 
  4. Lehner Special Machines

We provide expert manufacturing services to a wide range of Industries, including the  Food Production Industry, the Power Industry, the Machining Industry, the Textile Industry, the Packaging & Automation Industry, as well as the Aviation, Aerospace, Rail and Automobile Industries.

When it comes to outsourcing your Components or Systems  manufacturing, Lehner can meet all of your requirements:

Lehner Special Products  provides customers with portable heavy-duty machining centres that can be moved around and set-up at job-sites to save on outage & repair times.

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